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Ars Tech Serving the Technologist – The premier source for technology news and reviews – May 20, 2019 – Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. — Arthur C Clarke (1917-2008) – Ars Technica turns 24 this month. To celebrate the occasion, we’re featuring our readers’ favorite articles about the worlds of technology and science, presented in reverse chronological order.


What is news?

News is a report of recent events. It can be about any topic, from international politics to local sports. News is usually reported in newspapers or on television. Journalists gather information and tell readers or viewers what has happened in their community or around the world. Reporters may include pictures with their stories as well. They have deadlines that they need to meet so they are able to keep up with what is happening all over the world.


What else do we do?

We offer resources to help you learn how to use your tech tools better. Whether you’re a novice who needs some training or an expert who wants to deepen their skills, we have something for you. We also offer a deep pool of knowledge on the latest tools, products, and gadgets so that you can always stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the world of technology


Our team members are all self-proclaimed technologists themselves who know what it means to be passionate about this topic and want nothing more than for others to share in our excitement. Our blogs cover a wide range of topics from clever tricks with your newest gadget to web security tips, along with everything in between!


Why should I follow Ars-Technica?

If you’re a technologist or an avid consumer of technological advances, Ars Technics is a must-read. We cover new products, emerging trends, business models, and changes in the industry. Our goal is to offer our readers deep insights into today’s fast-paced, 

innovative world of technology—and equip them with what they need to succeed in it. Before we get started, we want to let you know that the team at Ars Technica values your privacy. It’s important to us that all communication from our website is clear and transparent so we are not tracking your browsing habits outside of this site. 

In addition, if you’re signed up for a newsletter, we will never share your contact information with any third parties. 

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Sign up to our mailing list to stay up to date on articles and announcements. Use our contact form if you have a comment, or suggestion about an upcoming blog post. Subscribe to our RSS feed, Facebook page or Twitter account for instant updates! In honor of reaching 2000 subscribers, we’re giving away an 

Android tablet (a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3). We’ll choose one random subscriber as the winner so subscribe now before this offer expires! Also, make sure you read our new blog post that talks about what gear is necessary for this new age of photography. We cover cameras, lenses, filters, tripods, backpacks, and more in detail with photos of what we recommend at Ars Tech Reviews. Stay tuned for more articles like this soon!


Join the Network, share your ideas, and help us grow.

We’re always looking for new contributors! Whether you have a passion for one particular topic or you’re a generalist, we’d love to have your voice. Share your thoughts with our readers and help us grow. Write about a tech-related event that happened in your life, submit articles from another publication, and interview industry leaders from around the world – we want it all! And don’t forget to take advantage of being part of the Ars Technica community by joining in on discussions in our forums and comment sections.


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