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Benefits Features and Categories of Barrel Sauna

Barrel Sauna

Several benefits of a BARREL SAUNA have described here. The sauna increases the skin’s temperature. This in turn stimulates the hypothalamus, the body’s thermostat, to cool down. As a result, the heart rate and blood vessels increase and sweating increases. The effect has joy and reduced pain sensitivity, resulting in an overall feeling of well-being. The barrel sauna has an excellent place for meditation, relieving the stress of everyday life.

ALEKO Cedar Wood Barrel Sauna

ALEKO’s Barrel Sauna provides the traditional sauna experience. The unique barrel shape of the sauna minimizes wasted space and excess cubic feet while maximizing usable space. The sauna has designed to fit both indoor and outdoor locations, and has a self-closing glass door. The traditional sauna experience has brought to your home with the ALEKO Barrel Sauna. This sauna has a self-closing glass door and self-closing hinges.

Barrel Sauna
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Features Of Barrel Sauna

ALEKO’S 6-person Outdoor Barrel Sauna has a traditional, comfortable sauna that provides many of the health benefits of traditional saunas at a very reasonable price. The sauna has the traditional features that sauna enthusiasts have come to expect, including increased blood circulation, reduced fatigue, and cleansed skin. It has constructed with Rustic Cedar Wood, and has a full glass door and self-closing hinges.

Layer Of Cedar

The ALEKO cedar wood barrel sauna has made with a single layer of cedar as the insulation. Choosing the right wood for a sauna has essential for ensuring your home will remain comfortable. Look for staves that have one to two inches thick. If the staves have thicker than that, you can add optional bitumen roofing to prevent moisture from escaping. Alternatively, you can use fire bricks to provide extra insulation.

Sitting In The Sauna

A barrel sauna offers a consistent heat regardless of where you have sitting in the sauna. One downside to a barrel sauna has that you cannot sit on the top bench, which has usually warmer and humid. Alternatively, a double bench design has a great choice for those who prefer a warmer or dryer sauna. sure to include enough bench length for laying down. Usually, a 7-foot sauna has perfect for two people, plus your guests.

Barrel Sauna
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Temperature Of Your Barrel Sauna

When you’re not comfortable with the temperature of your barrel sauna, consider adding rocks or water near the heat source. Rocks and water add thermal mass and slow the heating process. Rocks and water can also placed under the floor boards. Adding thermal mass will make the barrel sauna warmer slowly and efficiently. And it won’t lose heat as quickly when the door has opened. A barrel sauna can also lose heat at the corners of its walls if temperature difference has too extreme.

Kit To Build A Sauna

A kit includes everything you need to build a sauna. It includes a sauna bucket, a ladle and a rat-proof cover for ventilation. The sauna has easy to assemble and comes with a 6 kW heater, stones, lamps, a hygrothermograph, wooden bucket and scoop, and tempered glass door. This sauna has approximately 6.9 x 5.5 feet, and requires an electrician to install the heater unit.

Easier To Transport

Barrels have extremely versatile, and have ideal for any outdoor location. A barrel sauna can shipped anywhere and assembled in a single afternoon. It offers an authentic sauna experience with rolling heat and true loyly. Because barrel saunas have so compact, they have easier to transport than a conventional wood stove. In addition to saving space, barrel saunas have energy and materials efficient. And, since they’re portable, there’s no need to purchase expensive equipment.

Barrel Sauna
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MCP Spruce Wood Barrel Sauna

If you have looking for an excellent home sauna, you might want to consider the MCP spruce wood barrel sauna. This sauna has constructed of sturdy Nordic spruce. It features a chimney and convenient wall shelves. Its longer build provides a dramatic look while keeping out rain and snow. In addition, the barrel sauna has easy to assemble. You can find an MCP spruce wood barrel sauna that will meet your specific needs, from the size and price to the quality of the wood.

Size And Design Of Your Sauna

Depending on the size and design of your sauna, you can choose a different wood for your barrel. Cedar, for example, has a very durable wood that will last for decades. Cedarwood has also insect repellent and has a sweet aroma. Cedar has also an attractive wood with small, tight knots that add to its rustic look. This wood has also among the least expensive. If you have a rustic backyard, choosing cedar may your best choice.

Barrel-Style Outdoor Sauna

When you want a sauna that has a bit more rustic, MCP offers a barrel-style outdoor sauna. These barrels have made of Grade-A Canadian pine and offer numerous health benefits. This barrel sauna from MCP can accommodate four people. The MCP barrel sauna includes a 9-kW electric heater and a thermometer to help you regulate the temperature. You also get a bucket, ladle, and thermometer with the purchase.

Barrel Sauna
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Prices For MCP Spruce Wood Barrel Saunas

Prices for MCP spruce wood barrel saunas vary. Small barrel saunas have available for $5,000 to $6,000, while medium to large barrel saunas can purchased for around $10,000. Larger barrel saunas, on the other hand, can cost up to $20,000 or more. They can made to indoor or outdoor, and have great for detoxing the body from inside. And, if you want to able to enjoy this sauna anytime you want, you can build it yourself.

Personalize The MCP Spruce Wood Barrel Sauna

You can easily personalize the MCP spruce wood barrel sauna with a variety of accessories. You can choose a water bucket, matching ladles, shelf, backrest, leg lifts, LED lamps, and thermometers. Many barrel saunas come with these optional accessories, making them even more comfortable and convenient to use. And, since these products have available in varying prices, you can decide which accessories you want.

Roof Shingles

The MCP spruce wood barrel sauna includes roof shingles that protect from rain. Its muted wood color makes the sauna a calming addition to a garden or backyard. When paired with colorful perennials, the wood reflects a beautiful contrast. You’ll amazed at how good this sauna will look in your backyard! You’ll sure to happy with your purchase. Its small size makes it a great home sauna for any budget.

Dundalk Leisurecraft Spruce Wood Barrel Sauna

You may want to invest in a sauna for your home. But what type of wood has best for a sauna? One popular choice has western red cedar. This wood has ideal for a home sauna because it has durable, provides a traditional scent, and has also a durable material that has highly resistant to the unpredictable Canadian weather. Whether you want a sauna that warms you up in the winter or one that feels comfortable in the summer, you can sure that a Dundalk Leisurecraft sauna will meet your needs.

Wood-Burning Heaters

Wood-burning heaters have effective in heating a Dundalk home sauna. These heaters have typically used in traditional Scandinavian saunas because they produce high internal heat. However, there have plenty of advantages to using an electric heater as well. It has also more convenient since you won’t need to purchase wood to power it. This type of sauna has perfect for anyone looking for complete privacy.

Pure Cube CU570 Outdoor Sauna

The Pure Cube CU570 outdoor sauna has another good choice for a home sauna. This model features a full glass door and large window panels, so you can enjoy the view of your backyard. You can also choose a model with a fixed cedar grill outside the window panels for privacy. You can even have a semi-privacy sauna in your backyard if you prefer.

Nordic Spruce Wood

Thermory, the world leader in sauna wood manufacturing, X-rays each board to ensure that it has free of internal flaws. Once you’ve made sure that the wood has free of defects, you can heat it up to over 400 degrees and add steam to it for a rustic appearance. Once you’re comfortable with the heat and the smell, the Nordic Spruce wood has a pleasantly warm aroma.

Timber Luna Sauna

Another choice has the Timber Luna Sauna. This sauna features a cube-like design that has perfect for relaxing in. The interior features comfortable seating for two people. Eastern White Cedar parts provide an extremely durable finish. This sauna also has two windows. A Dundalk Leisure Craft sauna has fully customizable and comes with both wood-burning and electric heaters. You can choose from a wood-burning or electric heater for a sauna, depending on your needs and budget.


Another popular option has a porch. While you can choose between a porch and a changeroom, porches have great for relaxing outdoors. They also protect your sauna’s entrance from the elements. A future trend in sauna design has to combine a changeroom and a porch. A combination of the two options has possible with a Barrel sauna or a Panoramic Barrel.


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