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Business 3 Reasons to Join Let’s Do Business


If you want to be part of the London business community, you can join Let’s Do Business , a business advisory board. The website offers a wide range of resources, including a toolkit, a forum for alumni, and a membership scheme for London’s top entrepreneurs. There is even a dedicated business blog, called Let’s Do Business , which offers a variety of insights and case studies on London’s business scene.

Let’s Do Business Campaign

The Let’s Do London board has launched a new campaign on the web for businesses in the capital to reopen confidently. The board also aims to create an aligned vision for central London businesses and provides best practice examples and insights into reopening. It also hopes to increase the number of visitors to the city. Let’s Do Business is open until the end of 2019.

The campaign was led by the London Tourism Recovery Board (LTRB) with support from the Mayor of London and Transport for London. The aim of the campaign was to stimulate footfall and consumer spending across the cultural sector in the city. The onset of a coronavirus pandemic had led to a significant drop in the amount of spend in London by international and domestic visitors by 2020. Let’s Do London was developed to target domestic audiences and attract visitors from other sectors.


Let’s Do Business Toolkit

“Enterprising Kids? Let’s Do Business ” toolkit is launching with 60 primary school children in Liverpool. This unique toolkit encourages young people to think like an entrepreneur, and to create simple and innovative business -led projects that make a difference in their community. By helping children develop these skills, the project hopes to promote a love of business among children. A further aim of the project is to help children develop relationships with businesses and other organisations.

The Partners with Business program is an efficient, cost-effective way to support workers with disabilities. This approach builds on natural supports in the workplace and complements these with formal supports, such as job coaches from vocational support agencies. The Let’s Do Business toolkit contains information for schools, vocational support agencies, and employers. It also includes resources for students and professionals with disabilities. It’s important to have the right tools to support your growth and ensure your customers’ success.

Let’s Do Business Alumni Community

Join the Let’s Do Business alumni community to engage with current students and find out what they’re doing now. Alumni can join groups, reach out to students, and recruit them to their company. Through alumni groups, businesses can find talented students to join their teams, and alumni can build relationships with them. This community is a great way for alumni to give back to the university and help undergraduates develop professional networks. Here are three reasons to join:

London Leaders Network Membership Programme

Joining the London Leaders Network membership programme is an excellent way to access the extensive network of business leaders in London. Memberships are available to corporates as well as individuals and come with a variety of benefits. Aside from access to the network, members can also use the facilities at the offices of other members and benefit from free WiFi and printing. In addition, those who join the network can take advantage of the Mayor’s International Business Programme.

The course provides a supportive, safe environment where you can learn from a diverse group of peers in the sector. In addition to that, you will be assigned a personal mentor. The programme requires a significant amount of research, creative thinking, presentation skills, and a brave idea. The programme is open to representatives of member organisations and runs once a year. To apply, you will need to nominate yourself or a representative of your organisation.

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