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Africa Technology has Developed or Helped The Youth of Africa


Digital technology in Africa has created new employment opportunities for youth and entrepreneurs. The emergence of cab-hailing firms such as Uber has disrupted the meter-cab business in major African cities, resulting in an increased demand for drivers. However, replicating such business models is difficult due to a lack of local knowledge. The best way to ensure that digital technology works for the local population is to create locally-focused applications. In Africa , the majority of people live in small towns and rural areas.

Technology improved education African youth

The emergence of mobile technology has made access to electricity possible for a majority of the population. This technology has also brought new opportunities for healthcare professionals. In Rwanda, doctors can now use drones to transport essential medicines and supplies to patients. Nigeria is using mobile devices to distribute e-vouchers to farmers in order to improve yields. In Liberia, schools are being mapped using GPS for better accessibility and quality of education.

Edtech startups Africa for youth

As the population of mobile devices continues to grow, edtech platforms have become increasingly popular in Africa . These mobile apps can improve learning outcomes for school-age children and create jobs and livelihoods for youth. Yet, there are still many challenges. In addition to the cost of data and power, access to mobile devices is often prohibitively expensive. These issues make it challenging to deliver high-quality online education for young people in Africa .

Technology help the African youth

The availability of cheap and reliable mobile devices and increased connectivity has opened new avenues for young entrepreneurs in Africa . The African continent has also embraced ICT, and young entrepreneurs are already tapping into this global revolution. The African government must invest heavily in developing the creative and technological skills of the youth. In the past, it was difficult for African nations to develop their technological skills, making them dependent on imported technology. But, now the African continent is embracing technology and investing in its youth.

 Roles of technology in education

Smartphones and tablets are enabling young people to take control of their futures. A Nigerian company created a software-development tool that allows doctors to diagnose symptoms. The market Garden allows vendors to sell their produce and is an online platform for the government to connect with their customers. With the increasing use of smartphones and tablets, the African youth is taking the initiative in determining their own future. The youth can also access digital content for free, such as e-books.

Education and technological capacity

The African youth are becoming more confident and capable of using ICTs. The young African continent is advancing in terms of education and technological capacity, but the most basic infrastructure for many is still lacking. Only one-third of the urban population has access to electricity, while more than half of the youth aged between 12 and 17 are not in school. In addition, the internet is still not available in all parts of the continent.

Digital literacy

As the African youth are embracing technology, they are also gaining control over their futures. The digital literacy of young people is increasingly influencing the success of local businesses and governments. In Africa , for instance, 31% of software developers are self-taught. For the rest of the continent, formal education remains the only way to learn new skills and make a living. And in the meantime, technology is helping the youth of Africa to build businesses and make their futures more successful.


While digital technology has improved the lives of people in Africa , the youth in Africa must be prepared to enter the digital economy. The future of work requires a range of new skills, including empathy and adaptability. With these new skills, they can develop the skills needed in the digital economy. The young are the future of a country, and it is essential to help them succeed in the digital world. But the African youth must have a voice in this process.

Sub-Saharan Africa

In sub-Saharan Africa , digital technology has revolutionized the entertainment sector. The film industry has grown into the second largest film production in the world, and the country has made a profit from this. In Kenya, Nollywood is now the second-largest movie-producing country in the world, with an estimated $1 billion export revenue by 2020. Afro beats have reached a global audience, and African artists are collaborating with internationally renowned musicians.

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