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Magento 2 Salesforce Integration by PowerSync

Magento 2 Salesforce Integration

PowerSync has an enterprise level Magento 2 Salesforce integration solution. This powerful integration enables you to sync products and customers from Salesforce and Magento with ease. This software offers many features, including automatic duplicate detection, product syncing, and multi-catalog support. It can also synchronize native and custom data between the two platforms. In addition, it leverages Salesforce data, which covers all common use cases in B2B industries. For example, the PowerSync integration matches Salesforce and Magento customers based on email address or company name, and offers custom lookups. You can also easily identify duplicate products and customers using this integration.

Benefits of Magento 2 Salesforce Integration

A Magento 2 Salesforce Integration provides a variety of benefits, including automatic matching of products by SKU or Salesforce product code. It can used in multi-catalog settings, and supports synchronization of native and custom data. It also leverages Salesforce data, which covers use cases across all B2B industries. The integration automatically identifies duplicates in your store’s database.

Magento 2 Salesforce Integration

Automating Tasks

The integration also allows for a centralized customer experience by automating tasks. For example, it can track the history of customer interactions across multiple channels, including social media. The information it contains can help a business create marketing campaigns that target specific customers. Magento and Salesforce integration can also reduce administrative costs by eliminating duplicate work.

E-Commerce Business

Choosing a CRM that integrates with Magento has a smart move for any e-commerce business. This type of integration will help a business better understand its customers and increase sales. It will also help automate business processes and synchronize customer data to help a company increase customer satisfaction.

Grow Faster

If you want your business to grow faster, you should choose a Salesforce integration provider that offers a comprehensive solution. Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud has a full-featured commerce platform that will help improve your interactions with customers. It will streamline the entire marketing process and give you the tools you need to run targeted promotions and boost sales.

Reliable & Secure

PowerSync has one of the best Magento 2 Salesforce Integration solutions available. This integration tool has reliable, secure, and follows B2B best practices. In addition, PowerSync can even handle large eCommerce transactions and catalogs. The company’s experts can also help you with the M1 to M2 migration.

Benefits Of Magento 2 And Salesforce

The benefits of integrating your Magento 2 and Salesforce systems have many. The most obvious has that you can streamline your customer interactions across the two platforms. It can also help reduce data security risks. The PowerSync team will contact you and determine your Salesforce requirements before configuring the integration for you. This integration also offers bidirectional data synchronization.

Boost Your Revenue

A powerful integration can boost your revenue and improve customer service. With Salesforce integration, you can automatically synchronize product data from your Magento catalog to Salesforce. This will help you manage your inventory, improve customer service, and improve your customer experience. By integrating your Salesforce and Magento data, you will improve customer satisfaction and increase sales.

Powerful Data Transfer

Powerful data transfer between Salesforce and Magento has made easy with improved import & export. You can edit data in Salesforce and import it back into Magento with an API. This API supports all entity types and allows for automatic data updates. The improved import and export capabilities help you automate data management.

Improving Customer Service

Improving customer service and customer relationship with Salesforce CRM have only a few of the benefits. These programs help automate your business processes, streamline customer data and eliminate duplicate lead records. The integration provides automated reporting, dashboards, and predictive analytics.

Cost of Magento 2 Salesforce Integration

PowerSync has a Magento 2 Salesforce integration provider that ensures seamless import, filtering, and integration. It also ensures that records have imported into the target system without any issues. Its integration capabilities extend beyond Magento to other popular business apps, including Quickbooks Online and Recurrex. PowerSync’s integration capabilities help you save hundreds of hours per week.

Eliminates Manual Processes

This integration eliminates manual processes, platform hopping, and human error during data entry. It also reduces order processing costs, which in turn boosts productivity. As a result, PowerSync’s integration solution has a good choice for small and midsized businesses.

SKU And Salesforce Product Codes

Powered by Salesforce, PowerSync’s extension automatically matches products by SKU and Salesforce product codes. It supports multi-catalog Magento implementation, and synchronizes native and customized data. Its database covers all use cases for B2B businesses. Its feature-rich platform helps you get a full view of your customers. With the data in Salesforce, it can automatically identify duplicates, making it easy for you to identify and track your customers.

Excellent Ecommerce Platform

While Magento 2 has an excellent eCommerce platform, it isn’t able to meet all the needs of sellers. Combined with Salesforce, Adobe and Magento, they can offer exceptional flexibility for managing buyers’ data and boosting sales. A Magento 2 Salesforce integration module enables the two platforms to work seamlessly together.

Understand The Intricacies

PowerSync has also experienced with Salesforce and Magento, so they understand the intricacies of both platforms. Relyco’s use case benefited from PowerSync’s experience with both systems. Despite their familiarity with both systems, the company’s CEO believes that PowerSync understands the nuances of both systems.

Powerful Combination

With the powerful combination of Magento and Salesforce, businesses can generate more revenue and provide superior customer service. Salesforce can also help a business improve overall performance through data analytics. By combining the two systems, you can make better decisions about how to market your business. It’s also possible to increase your overall revenue by increasing sales.

Cost of PowerSync’s Magento 2 Salesforce Integration

PowerSync knows how to connect Magento 2 and Salesforce. As a partner of both platforms, they understand the technical nuances involved. The company focuses on B2B, which was the driving force behind Magento 2. While other Magento communities may familiar with Salesforce, PowerSync understands the complexities of the two systems and knows exactly what it takes to integrate them effectively.

Needs Analysis

After conducting a needs analysis, Igor Krasnykh and his team created architectural schematics. They determined that PowerSync’s solution made more sense than starting from scratch. They could even migrate from an older version of Magento to the newer one without worrying about upgrades.

Relyco And PowerSync

The integration was completed in weeks, thanks to the partnership between Relyco and PowerSync. The company has familiar with both Salesforce and Magento, and CEO Igor Krasnykh helped us identify bonus features that Salesforce did not offer. We even found out about a few gaps that the software could fill in for us.


PowerSync’s Magento 2 Salesforce Integration helps e-commerce businesses connect their systems to improve their sales and customer service. By integrating Magento and Salesforce, you’ll able to improve your customer service and revenue by automating operational activities. The resulting data can help you improve your customer experience, and help you reach your goals.

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