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Polymash – A Conversation Juergen Berkessel, Founder of Polymash


Polymash is a digital interactive publishing agency. Founded by Juergen Polymash , the company specializes in interactive client experiences and global products. Polymash combines deep technology and business expertise with creative capabilities to create world-class interactive products. Juergen’s background includes work as a global IT strategist, product manager, and User Experience Designer. This unique combination of skill sets helps Polymash offer world-class solutions to media and publishing companies.

Juergen Berkessel

Polymash is a boutique digital marketing agency based in Florida, run by Juergen Berkessel. In this interview, he discusses content strategy, SEO compatibility, podcasting and the importance of a website hub that hosts all of your content output. This can help your content gain visibility and traction in search engines. He also explains domain authority, a concept you should understand.

Juergen Berkessel has a varied career background, which includes both art and business. He found his creative voice in photography when he moved to the U.S., and eventually made the transition to programming. He shares his thoughts on selling out, and how the democratization of creative mediums are changing negative perceptions. Here are some of the podcasts he’s hosted:

Podcast marketing agency



Juergen Berkessel , the founder of Podcast marketing agency Polymash , is a true polymath. He is a professional photographer, computer programmer, app developer, and podcaster. During our conversation, we learned how to benefit from podcasting for our business, and how podcasting can build a community. Polymash has become a trusted friend of Sourdough thanks to the advice it gives us about content strategy.

Regardless of your industry, podcasts are a great way to pass the time. To reach these audiences, podcasters must learn how to market themselves. According to the podcast industry association, the US will have 120 million listeners by the year 2021 and that number is only going to increase. To stay competitive, podcasters must promote their show to reach a wide audience. A podcast marketing agency can help you with that and make your content stand out, and be featured in search results.

One of the most effective ways to advertise on podcasts is through cross-promotion with other channels. Since 94% of all podcast listeners are active on at least one social network, podcasts are a great way to engage with these users. And as the number of social media users continues to rise, they’re also more likely to subscribe to on-demand video-streaming services. So, your podcast is bound to be discovered by your audience!

Jeremy oversees podcast production, including setting up RSS feeds, editing, and posting episodes. He also works on the company’s web-based podcast publishing platform. The audio pro and web-dev geek also helps to expand its global presence. The bilingual Thaidee is a great asset for expanding podcasting markets. You can find her on LinkedIn and Twitter. He is also available for consultations and coaching. To learn more about the benefits of podcasting, check out his bio and visit his website.

Content strategy

If you’re looking for a new way to market your company and grow organic traffic, consider Polymash’s content strategy. It’s a roadmap that helps you create content with a purpose, which is a proven strategy to drive traffic and revenue. By focusing on your audience and SEO research, intentional content can help you build authority and visibility. With content strategy, you can reduce your bounce rate and avoid penalties from Google.

Not Real Art has used podcasts to drive traffic to its website. Polymash , a boutique digital marketing agency based in Florida, has also advised the podcast Not Real Art on content strategy. In an article, he explains how podcasting can drive traffic to a site. Podcasting has become an essential component of SEO strategies. Podcasts also provide great content for search engines. Unlike traditional content, podcasts are easy to create.


Polymash is a digital interactive publishing company with a passion for design. They combine business knowledge with deep technological expertise to create global products and engaging client experiences. Polymash ‘s team of experts has a diverse range of skills, including product manager, global IT strategist, and User Experience Designer. To help you with your SEO needs, Polymash has created SEO Saturdays and regular SEO consulting sessions. They can also help you optimize your podcast episodes, as well as your website and podcast titles.

Founder of Polymash , Juergen Berkessel, talks about how to make content SEO compatible and shares some tips for building a network with your podcast. He also speaks about the importance of owning your website. Podcasts allow you to create intimacy with your guests and generate content for SEO. Creating a website hub for all of your content output is essential in ensuring your site is search engine-friendly. Listen to the podcast to learn more about Polymash SEO.

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