Thursday Jun 01, 2023

Publix Opens New Store in Ormond Beach, FL

Publix Ormond Beach

On Thursday, Publix Super Markets opened a new store in Ormond Beach. Located at 101 E. Granada Blvd., the new Ormond Beach location will serve the community for the next eight years. The store has 27 acres of space and includes a full-service bakery and deli, as well as grocery and Pours departments. Fresh coffee and wine will be available for sale, as will be tap beer and wine. A large outdoor seating area will be available for customers to relax in the sun.

Publix locations

One of the three Ormond Beach locations is located about 3 miles from the two larger Publix supermarkets in Ormond-by-the-Sea and Daytona Beach. Its POURS department will serve craft beer and wine, smoothies and other alcoholic beverages. In addition to cold beer and wine, this branch will serve acai bowls and other specialty drinks. Acai bowls are fruit smoothies made from acai berries. You can choose from a variety of toppings and enjoy the fruity goodness.

Publix specialty pharmacy

There is also a Publix in Ormond Beach that can fill prescriptions for maintenance medication and new ones. You can visit the Publix pharmacy in Ormond Beach to receive health screenings, get vaccinations and receive home delivery services. The store has knowledgeable and friendly staff that will answer all of your questions about prescription drugs and provide assistance with drug discounts. The location is located on Hotel Street, a short distance from Granada Boulevard and South Atlantic Avenue.

Publix in Ormond Beach, FL

The Publix branch is located on South Atlantic Avenue, about 1 mile from Granada Boulevard. The branch is also within a mile of the town’s other major thoroughfares, including State Highway A1A. If you’re looking for a Publix in Ormond Beach, FL, consider checking out singlecare. You’ll be able to find the store in a matter of minutes. Impartial be sure to discovery a location that is suitable for you.

Online store

The Ormond Beach branch of Publix is conveniently located near South Atlantic Avenue and Hotel Street. There are several other locations in the city that are within one mile. Those in the area can easily find a convenient Publix in the area. There are also several grocery stores in the neighborhood. If you want to shop at a Publix in Ormond Beach, you can also check out the online store. In addition to this location, there are other Publix branches in the vicinity.

Two locations in Ormond Beach, Florida

There are two locations in Ormond Beach, Florida. The Ormond Beach location is located at 1478 W Granada Blvd. This store is also open seven days a week. This branch of Publix is located near State Highway A1A. It is accessible from Hotel Street and Granada Boulevard. The Ormond Beach location is just a short drive from South Yonge Street. If you’re looking for a  near Ormond Beach, be sure to check out their hours and contact them for more information.

Larger Publix supermarkets in Daytona Beach and Ormond

The Ormond Beach location of Publix is just three miles from the larger  supermarkets in Daytona Beach and Ormond-by-the-Sea. The Ormond Beach location is the first in Volusia County to have a POURS department where customers can purchase craft beer, wine, and smoothies. The POURS department will also have a stand that sells acai berry smoothies, which are a unique way to enjoy this fruit.

Popular grocery store

The Ormond Beach branch of Publix is a popular grocery store in the community. It is three miles from the two other two Publix locations in Daytona Beach and Ormond-by-the-Sea. The Ormond Beach location is near the beach and is located near several major hotels. It is accessible by public transportation and by car. A bus is the nearest public transportation option to the Publix . There are also many other conveniences in the city.

Granada Boulevard and Hotel Street

The Publix Ormond Beach branch is conveniently located at 1478 W Granada Blvd. It is within easy access of Granada Boulevard and Hotel Street. The Ormond Beach store also offers services in health screenings and home delivery of prescription medications. When shopping for groceries in Ormond Beach, you should consider the convenience of the local pharmacy. This is one of the few  locations in Ormond Beach that offer such services.

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