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Recognize Employees With Employee Recognition Apps


Recognize Employees With Employee Recognition Apps , In college, Alex Philips published research in psychology and had seen the power of positive reinforcement in the workplace. He then worked at an agency in Seattle where employees were encouraged to recognize their peers for a job well done. The Recognize project brought together the psychology of employee recognition with gamification and social best practices. His father, Peter, joined him on the project, which he named Recognize . Today, Recognize is used by over 4,000 employees in over 100 countries.

Employee Recognition


While many employee recognition apps use cash, points, or both, others will use a combination of the two. Some reward systems let employees use points for actual rewards, while others have subscription fees or pre-purchased points that will never expire. In the end, it’s up to you how you want to reward your staff, but most employee recognition apps will let you budget the amount you’d like to award them.

Most employee recognition vendors integrate with single sign-on (SSO) or single sign-on providers. Single sign-on allows your staff to use the same account for all of their apps, and it’s a simple setup for your IT department. Recognize app integrates with OneLogin and Office 365, as well as Yammer, and supports SCIM (standard web protocol for user management).

In order to increase employee engagement, employee recognition apps can be integrated into other tools. When integrated into social collaboration tools, digital displays, and intranet, they can increase employee engagement by up to 8x. This results in higher adoption and less training. Moreover, since many employees use these apps on a regular basis, it’s easier to implement them. However, it’s important to know what your employees need in order to be successful in using employee recognition.

Company Values

Communicating company values is critical for an organization. If they not clearly communicated, employees and customers may not be aware of them or misinterpret them. It’s best to make them as specific as possible and choose words that easy to remember. Incorporate these values into all aspects of your organization, from public relations to strategic decision-making. Incorporate them in your company’s culture deck so that your team and customers know what you stand for.

A core set of company values can help your employees understand the bigger purpose of your business. For example, do they respect the customer? If your employees are engaged in customer service, they’ll have a greater sense of purpose and loyalty. If employees not satisfied, they’ll look elsewhere. And your company’s values will keep your employees working towards the same goal. If they’re not, the organization might not succeed. That’s why you should review them every six months.

Recognize started as a company recognition badge that was easy to use, but eventually evolved into a company value management tool. They also integrate with many enterprise tools and let employees share company values stories across offices. They believe that the best work is not rewarded with monetary compensation, but by rewarding good work and recognizing employees’ contributions to the company’s ecosystem. The company values at Recognize App reflect these values and essential to the success of the company.


To make recognition campaigns more effective, consider promoting your contest through social media channels and company intranet portals. Remind your managers to keep an eye out for desired behaviors. Post a notice on digital signage or social channels with the contest deadline and timeframe. Remind staff of the contest once a week to participate. Use Recognize leaderboards to share results with your staff and encourage future contest participation. Once your campaign has reached its completion, you can also use it to create a blog post about your contest to spread the word about your company’s recognition efforts.

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