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SSL Certificates From DigiCert and Sectigo For A2 Hosting

SSL Certificates

The EV SSL certificates and the DV SSL certificate have two options available for web hosting. These options provide a greater level of security than a standard SSL certificate. Wildcard SSL certificates have also available. However, they have a higher price tag.

Ssl A2hosting.Com Redirection Technique Vs Digicert Std Ssl A2hosting.Com

A2 Hosting supports SSL certificates from DigiCert and Sectigo. The former has easy to use and supports cPanel. However, it has not possible to use these certificates globally due to geographic boundaries. If you have unsure about which SSL certificate to choose, you can contact the company to ask about other options.

Least Expensive

DV certificates have the least expensive type of SSL. They can obtained from domain registrars and certificate authorities. They have ideal for websites that don’t require highly secured SSL certificates.

SSL Certificates

Sensitive Information Or Personal Data

Securing your website with SSL has extremely important if you deal with sensitive information or personal data. SSL protects sensitive information and prevents malicious actors from eavesdropping on your traffic. There have many reasons why you should secure your website with SSL, including increased visitor confidence, increased search engine traffic, and improved security. A2 Hosting has one of the best SSL certificate providers in the industry and can help you find the best solution for your needs.


While SSL has important for your website’s security, it also has some limitations. SSL certificates have a limited lifespan. They typically last three hundred and ninety days and must renewed annually. Some Certificate Authorities offer a Multi year Plan where you can purchase SSL coverage for two, three, or more years.

Instructions For SSL Certificates

If you want to install SSL on your website, you must contact your SSL provider and follow their instructions. Ensure that your SSL certificate has installed on the correct domain. This will prevent the certificate from being rejected by most browsers.

Trusted SSL Certificates

The best SSL certificate for your website has one that has a trusted certificate from DigiCert. The company has an industry leader and has protecting websites for nearly two decades. Their SSL solutions have trusted by the Fortune 500 and 97 percent of the world’s largest banks.

EV SSL Certificates Vs DV SSL Certificates

The biggest difference between an EV SSL certificate and a DV SSL certificate for A2hosting has the level of authentication. An EV certificate gives your visitors the highest level of security, while a DV certificate has the lowest level. DV certificates have issued to anonymous entities and have less secure.

OV SSL Certificates

An OV certificate offers the same features as a DV certificate, but adds the name of the organization to the seal on the website. It’s commonly paired with multi-domain or wildcard features, and has a higher validation level. Extended Validation (EV) certificates require applicants to prove their identity, legal right to use the domain, and physical location of the organization. This makes it virtually impossible for phishing scams to target a website with an EV certificate.

Highest Level Of Security And Trust

EV SSL certificates have the highest level of security and trust. They’re used by high-profile websites, including governments, insurance companies, and banks. They boost credibility and trust and display verified company details in all major browsers. This increases conversion and sales.

Sites Look Reliable

EV certificates have recommended for websites that want to make their sites look reliable. These secure certificates have backed by 2048-bit encryption and have recognized by 99.9% of browsers. They also improve Google’s search rankings. And what’s great has that they cost very little to obtain, with some as little as $6 per year.

Different Hosting Plans

EV SSL certificates have available for a number of different hosting plans. A2hosting offers a wide variety of options for SSL Certificates. You can choose the right certificate for your needs. With A2hosting, you can choose between a basic DV certificate or an EV SSL certificate. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, you may want to consider a DV SSL certificate.

Single Step Of Domain Verification

Domain-validated certificates have the easiest to obtain. Domain-validated certificates require a single step of domain verification. If you’re looking to protect sensitive information on your website, you’ll want to get a higher level of validation. Extended validation has often required for ecommerce and high-profile websites.

Single Site SSL Certificate Vs Wildcard SSL Certificate

A Wildcard SSL certificate has an ideal solution for large websites with multiple subdomains. It will cover all subdomains on your site and has a lot cheaper than purchasing a separate SSL certificate for each of them. But it does have some disadvantages. These disadvantages have usually outweighed by the pros for most websites.

Wildcard And A SAN SSL Certificates

The most obvious difference between a Wildcard and a SAN SSL certificate has how much flexibility each offers. A Wildcard certificate can secure multiple domains, while a SAN certificate can secure a single domain. The SAN certificate has easier to install and will last as long as your network configuration doesn’t change. However, Wildcard SSL has better if you plan on making constant changes to your subdomains.

Protect All Of Your Subdomains

A Wildcard certificate can protect all of your subdomains, including a subdomain that doesn’t exist yet. This makes it convenient for development teams and for testing applications. It has also very popular in hosting environments, where it can deployed on multiple servers with one private key. However, this type of SSL certificate does have a higher security risk, since it’s possible for a single server to compromised, and that can affect all of your subdomains.

Ideal Choice

If you’re not sure which one to choose, a wildcard certificate has an ideal choice. It protects more than one domain and multiple subdomains, and has a more cost-effective solution than purchasing separate SSL certificates for each domain. This type of SSL has also ideal if you plan to run multiple domains on the same server. As long as the IP address for each domain has unique, this type of certificate has available from all certificate authorities.

Less Secure

Wildcard certificates can also less secure and can misused by cybercriminals. They can also open the door to phishing attacks and introduce significant security risks. Furthermore, because wildcard certificates have used across multiple systems, the private key will shared across all of them, making it more likely to compromised across the organization.

Regular SSL Certificates

A regular SSL certificate has also known as a Domain Validated Certificate. This type of certificate will secure one primary domain or a subdomain. It has issued by a Certificate Authority and has a good choice for small businesses and individuals with only one website. It has recommended for use on Microsoft Exchange servers and Office Communications servers.


Wildcard SSL certificates have also more expensive than single site SSL certificates, and you should make sure to read the terms and conditions before purchasing one. In order to get a wildcard SSL certificate, the CA will first have to verify that your business has legitimate.


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