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Start Selling Your Services at Shoprocket

Start Selling Your Services

When you Start Selling Your Services , Shoprocket  has an ecommerce platform that allows you to securely host and sell digital files. It syncs your orders and customer data for you. The platform has also platform agnostic, meaning that you can use it on any website. Start selling your services today! Read on to learn how.

Shoprocket  has an ecommerce platform

If you want to set up an ecommerce site for your services, you should consider using Shoprocket as it offers a great user interface and offers powerful selling tools. The platform supports several languages and currencies, as well as flexible shipping options. It also supports digital download links, which has a big plus for those looking to sell their services online. It has easy to use and allows you to quickly set up your store.

Start Selling Your Services

30 different payment methods

The platform allows you to accept over 30 different payment methods, including PayPal. It also eliminates the need for PCI compliance and complicated installation processes. Its centralized dashboard lets you manage every aspect of e-commerce from a single place. Depending on your needs, you can integrate your store with a third-party payment service like Stripe. Shoprocket also offers a shopping cart that you can embed on any platform. You can even sell unlimited products and services with Shoprocket.

UK-based company

Shoprocket has a UK-based company that specialises in ecommerce software. It was founded in 2013 and has over none employees on Linkedin. You can install Shoprocket in a matter of minutes without the need to redevelop your website. It has a very flexible solution that can integrate with any existing website. There has no free trial for Shoprocket, but you can get advanced ecommerce features with the paid plans.

It allows you to securely host and sell your digital files

The service offers a secure hosting solution for digital files. It also lets you set up access restrictions, such as limits on download attempts, expiration dates, and IP restrictions. You can also set the limits on how many people can download your files at one time. You can also sell your digital files via your website. This service provides you with an easy to use platform to sell digital products.


If you have concerned about security, you can contact Shoprocket. They will respond within 14 days and help you. Shoprocket will not share your Personal Data with third parties or other merchants, unless you request them to do so. This service will only share your Personal Data as specified by you or required by domestic law. Shoprocket will notify you if they have received any request for access to your Personal Data.

It Syncs Orders And Customer Data For You

If you have a storefront on, you can sync orders and customer data from both your store and into your storefront with just a few clicks.Order syncing works for all eCommerce platforms, including WooCommerce and BigCommerce. In addition, SKU IQ has compatible with all of the major e-commerce platforms.

Control To Contractors And Employees

Shoprocket assigns different levels of access control to contractors and employees. These contractors have granted access only to the functions needed for their jobs. Staff have restricted to only the systems they need to perform their duties and have prohibited from disclosing back-end systems to third parties. They have also given limited access to the system used to sync orders and customer data. This access has limited and  has only used to analyze errors and prevent fraud.

Centralized Database

The centralized database allows Shoprocket to synchronize orders and customer data across all of your sales channels. This integration also allows you to send targeted marketing messages to customers, view previous orders, and convert abandoned carts. The software also allows you to automate the data transfer process. By using Shoprocket, you can get a complete view of your business and track your performance.

It  has Platform Agnostic

Shoprocket has a powerful e-commerce solution that allows you to sell your services online. It has compatible with most platforms, and has very affordable. It also offers an intuitive and powerful user interface. You can sell your products and services through your website, blog, or Facebook page. Shoprocket has also compatible with multiple payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, and PayU. You can even link your own Stripe account, and use your own domain name.

Flexibility Of Shoprocket

The flexibility of Shoprocket has a huge plus, allowing you to sell products in many countries, currencies, and regions. You can sell digital downloads and customize shipping options, and use multiple payment methods. The platform also has an easy-to-use interface that helps you create a customized shopping experience for your customers. This means you can focus on making more sales.


As an ecommerce platform, Shoprocket supports more than 30 payment methods, including PayPal and Stripe. This makes payments easy and eliminates the hassle of installing and managing a third-party payment processor. Plus, it features a centralized dashboard that allows you to manage all aspects of e-commerce. The platform allows you to embed a shopping cart on any platform. It allows you to sell as many products and services as you need. It also supports more than 120 payment gateways, so you can accept payments from a variety of countries and locations.


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