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Taylin Gaulden Rapper Several Relationships

taylin gaulden

Rapper Taylin Gaulden

The young rapper Taylin Gaulden has been in several relationships since her birth in 2008. Taylin Gaulden is the son of NBA YoungBoy, who has served over 55 years in prison for sexual abuse. During this time, he has a high sense of responsibility, even though he does not live with his mother, Trinia Nia. While he has been in a relationship with his mother, Taylin Gaulden has not revealed whether or not she is his biological mother.

The rapper’s father is an NBA player and his mother is an actress. Taylin Gaulden has four siblings, including three stepbrothers. She is also related to NBA YoungBoy, who adopted her and the child. It is unclear whether or not the rapper knew he was not the biological father of the child. Taylin Gaulden has two siblings, who are famous rappers: Me’arah O’Neal and King Conde.

The singer has five children with different men. One of his sons, Kamiri, is the son of rapper YoungBoy Never Broke Again. His wife is Armani Gaulden. The two have one daughter each. Their other children are twins. Their son is a son of a married couple and a daughter of another woman. The family is not wealthy, so they do not share the same interests as the parents.

After his release from jail, Taylin Gaulden has become a household name. He has been featured on several TV shows and has performed at many different venues across the country. Taylin Gaulden also has a YouTube channel. His rap career has gained him an immense following in the United States. While his father is a rapper, his mother is a singer. The two share a child named Kayden Gaulden.

Biological Father & his ex-Girlfriend

As of May 2017, taylin gaulden was living with her biological father and his ex-girlfriend, Starr Dejanee. In 2016, Taylin Gaulden was arrested before a concert in Austin, Texas. She was arrested with YoungBoy after the alleged murder in South Baton Rouge. However, he has not been formally linked to a woman since then. The rapper, however, has a daughter named Kamiri Gaulden.

Despite being a famous singer, Taylin Gaulden has not been formally in a relationship as of yet. She is the son of NBA YoungBoy and his girlfriend, and has never had a relationship. In fact, her parents have been in a relationship for a long time. The two are not related, but she was once in a relationship. Although she is still young, she has been involved with numerous men.

The NBA YoungBoy is the father of five children from five different women. Despite the fact that he has a girlfriend, he has dated many women. According to reports, he has not been a committed member of his family. While he has a girlfriend, he does not have a serious relationship. In June 2018, he killed his daughter and two of her four stepbrothers. The rapper’s grandfather had several relationships with different women.

Kayden Gaulden

taylin gaulden



Kayden Gaulden is a son of NBA YoungBoy Scott Cain and Iyanna Johnson. Taylin Gaulden started his career in 2014 and has since released a number of mixtapes. He is considered one of the most prominent rappers in the United States, and is already a household name. The following is a quick history of his career and the people who have influenced him. While he is not the first to have a feud with another rapper, it’s believed it has contributed to his popularity.

As a child, Kayden was raised by his maternal grandmother. At the age of 15, he was arrested and spent time in a juvenile detention center. While he was in jail, he began writing lyrics and started a blog to share his lyrics with fans. This led to the creation of his music. In the year 2010, he was featured in a rap video by 21 Savage. He is currently four years old and has been doing music for a few years.

In addition to being an accomplished rapper, Kayden taylin gaulden is a celebrity son. His parents are worth six million dollars and are famous on YouTube. Their two studio albums have earned them millions of views. The taylin gaulden family lives a luxury lifestyle and he may attend an expensive preschool. If so, the child will likely go to the best private school in town. It’s hard to say whether this young man will continue to be the next Jay-Z.

Rapper has Two kids

In the meantime, the rapper has two kids from his other flames, who are his step-siblings. Young Kayden doesn’t live with her parents and does not live with his father. The singer’s ex-girlfriend is the same woman who gave birth to her son. It’s unclear whether her children have a father or a mother who had two children. But they are a family of two, and she doesn’t live with her mom and dad.

Kayden is an American rapper. His father is a former prison inmate who is accused of murdering two women and injuring four people. His three children have been born with Starr. While the NBA YoungBoy and taylin gaulden are still together, the couple haven’t met. Their sons are a family with a long history of relationships. They’re both entrepreneurs. Despite their connections, both of them are extremely close with a former girlfriend.

Kayden Gaulden’s mother, Nisha Keller, was an NBA YoungBoy’s first girlfriend. She and YoungBoy were married in 2010 and were a couple for two years. Their daughter, Armani, is his first child. The NBA YoungBoy’s older brother, Kamron, has five half-siblings. As a result of their close relationship, the two siblings are very close.

Nba Youngboykids

taylin gaulden


The NBA YoungBoyKids are a group of talented and energetic players who will be playing for the Los Angeles Lakers this season. Taylin Gaulden will be the first team to sign an African American player in the NBA. They will be the first African American players to play in the league. Known professionally as YoungBoy, they are a rap duo from New Orleans. The team consists of four centers and one power forward.

The NBA YoungBoy and Iyanna have been linked since they were babies. The two are rumored to be engaged. Iyanna has been spotted wearing a ring on her finger and the two have had several fights in the past, but have reconciled several times. Despite being a thorn in their relationship, Iyanna has repeatedly said that she loves NBA YoungBoy, and Taylin Gaulden even went on to fight each other on multiple occasions. Recently, Iyanna posted a drunken photo of the NBA YoungBoy, which sparked the rumors of a possible marriage.

NBA YoungBoy has revealed that he has seven kids, three from different women. His daughter, Armani, is reportedly his second child with his girlfriend Nisha. Their mother, Starr Dejanee, is not his biological parent. The NBA YoungBoy has also been claiming that he has a son from a woman named Kaylyn Marie. Taylin Gaulden have been teasing their fans on social media, with many revealing they were not his biological children.

Previous Relationships Included Malu Trevejo

As for his personal life, NBA YoungBoy has been linked with a number of girls. His previous relationships included Malu Trevejo, who is the daughter of boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather. His wife is Danielle Bregoli. The NBA YoungBoy’s children include a baby girl and a baby boy. They are reportedly expecting their eighth child in the future. If you want to know more about the NBA YouthBoy, follow him on social media.

NBA YoungBoy’s son Kaell is the youngest of the NBA YoungBoy and his girlfriend, Drea Symone. They welcomed their second child in the fall of last year. Afterward, Drea Symone posted a picture of their newborn son, “Al YoungBoy,” which was a top ten hit in the United States. If the two-year-old isn’t a father yet, she will be raising her child alone with help from her husband.

The NBA YoungBoy’s kids are named Kamron, Brandon, and Jahlil. The NBA YoungBoy’s kids have three different mothers, who all have been referred to as “Starr Dejanee” on Instagram. Their names are the same, and they are all very cute. And his mom, Kamron, is a beautiful and loving mother.

Kamiri Gaulden

taylin gaulden

Known as “NBA YoungBoy,” Kamiri Gaulden is the son of YoungBoy and Starr Dejaness. Born on July 6, 2017, Kamiri is the second child and first son of the couple. He also has a half-sister, Kodi Capri. His father has five other children with Nisha, including Kayden Gaulden. This makes him the oldest of seven children.

The son of YoungBoy and Jania Meshell, Kamiri Gaulden is famous for being a part of the rapper’s family. He was born on July 6, 2017, and has three younger brothers. The two devoted parents and have together since 2011. The rapper is an entrepreneur and a singer. He also has a successful Instagram account and has 737 followers. It’s unclear whether he’s gay.

According to Forbes, Kamiri is an All-American kid. His mother, Nisha, is a musician. His father, Kamron Gaulden, is a professional basketball player. The family is rich in the Atlanta area. The mother and father have three children and two dogs. In addition to Kamiri, the other children are not well-known. Moreover, the mother of the youngster, Starr, has still unmarried.

Kamiri Gaulden has five half-siblings. Her father has several relationships in the past. His siblings are Armani, Kayden, and Nia. She has four brothers and a half-sister. The son of NBA Youngboy, Nisha, and Nisha Bania. They are all in the entertainment industry. The youngster has a full set of siblings. The oldest is Kamron Gaulden.

Kamiri Gaulden Large Family

Kamiri Gaulden has a brother, Kamron. He was born to his mother and her father in the United States. Her parents not married and have two children. She shares her photos with her mom, Starr. The two have five children. She also has a daughter, taylin gaulden. The baby’s parents are from the US.

Kamiri Gaulden has a large family. Her father was a former NBA player. He had many relationships with different women, including his wife, Niya, and her dad. The youngster has five half-siblings. She has four boys and a girl named Armani. Her parents have five other children. She has one step-sister, Taylin Gaulden . The two have no children of their own.

NBA YoungBoy’s son, Kamiri Gaulden, is a famous American rapper. She has a dazzling personality and is very carefree. Shares her birthday with her two. She has no other social media profiles. However, she has a Twitter account and is active on Instagram. There are no other details available on her parents or her siblings. Although she lives with her mother, she shares her father’s attention with them.

Kamiri Gaulden was born on July 6, 2017. He is a celebrity’s child, as his father is a controversial NBA player. He is the son of NBA YoungBoy, a famous rapper. Despite his fame, he is still unknown in the world. But he is famous for his mother’s rap videos. Her mother is an aspiring singer and has three brothers.

Kentrell Gaulden Jr

taylin gaulden                                                               

Kentrell Gaulden grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In September 2016, he arrested and charged with various firearm and drug charges. Police seized more than $40,000 in cash and a $300,000 cashier’s check. They also took Gaulden’s two diamond necklaces and diamond ring. However, a judge ordered them to return them. He is currently serving a probation hold on the case.

He celebrates his birthday on October 20. His birth sign is Libra, and he stands at 5 feet and eight inches. While in jail, Gaulden began releasing mixtapes of his music, including songs like “Win or Lose.” In May 2017, he released from prison and returned to his home town of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Since then, he has been focusing on his music career and hopes to buy a large home for his family.

Born in Atlanta, Gaulden’s mother died in a tragic accident when he was 7. He raised by his grandmother and was only seven years old when he wrote his first rap song. His mother had no interest in music, and Kentrell inspired to write his own songs. He was 13 years old when he wrote his first gangsta rap song, and he has since produced dozens of hits. His songs have landed him on Billboard Hot 100 and have reached the Top 100.

Kentrell Gaulden Continued to Grow

After becoming a household name, Kentrell Gaulden continued to grow as a rapper and producer. His first album, Mind of a Menace, released in September 2015. Despite his early success, the record was not a commercial success, but a critical reception. In addition to “Outside Today”, his second studio album, Until Death Call My Name, the rapper released his single “Valuable Pain.” Other singles from the album included “Slime Belief” and “Genie”.

He is a prolific rapper, having released several albums. His most successful albums are Mind of a Manace and 38 Baby. In February of 2019, Gaulden signed with Atlantic Records. He released his first single, “Outside Today”, on the Billboard Hot 100. In April of that year, he released another mixtape titled Until Other songs on his debut album were “Valuable Pain” and “Slime Belief.”

Known for his songs about love and heartbreak, Taylin Gaulden’s rap style is highly personal. He has a mother who is a staunch advocate for his son. He is also a father to two children. Although the rapper is a child prodigy, his mother is a renowned songwriter. He is currently living in Los Angeles. While in jail, Gaulden released his debut EP, “Untouchable.”

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