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Tzuyu – Facts About The Taiwanese Singer-Songwriter


Tzuyu is the stage name of a Taiwanese singer-songwriter based in South Korea. She is the youngest member of the boy group Twice, formed by JYP Entertainment. Chou Tzu-yu is the youngest member of Twice, one of the biggest boy bands in the world. She has released several singles, and her popularity has been steadily increasing since her debut. You can follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to get all the latest information on her music career.

Her name has pronounced ‘chewy’, and she has nearly as tall as Mina’s brother. Tzuyu has received several nicknames, including ‘Chewy’, which a Chinese word meaning “chewed up”. She has known as “Evil Maknae” because she is mean. She won the Sixteen season by garnering the most public votes. Her fans even created a video game based on her skating skills.

The first time Tzuyu recorded in the United States in 1880. From that year until 2020, there will be fewer than five people born with the name. Because of this, Tzuyu is an unusually unique first name. Her name is actually an anagram of a Chinese character, so it is not uncommon for people to confuse the letters in her name with others’. It is a good idea to check out the meaning of the word ” tzuyu ” to understand Tzuyu ‘s story

Tzuyu has yet to have a boyfriend or husband. However, she has appeared in many other media outlets for other reasons. She recently posted a video on JYPE’s YouTube channel that shows her speaking Chinese. In it, she apologizes for causing a controversy, but continues to work with the group. She is the youngest member of the boy group. This makes her one of the most prominent members of the girl group.

Her parents are self-made entrepreneurs, and her older brother is also a singer. She has achieved international success through her music career, but it did not happen overnight. She is a fan favorite. Has been a popular online sensation for years. Aside from her popularity, she is also the face of a Taiwanese brand.

Tzuyu ‘s popularity has grown immensely since her first appearance on the JYPE’s SIXTEEN show. She initially a contestant on the show but was eliminated from the final line-up. Later, she was drafted into the group. The two girls released their first single together on October 20, 2015. There were no official plans to perform in the concert, but fans watched the performance. Moreover, she showed that she is an excellent archer, and she did not mind making the group her archer.

Tzuyu ‘s net worth estimated to be $2 million as of 2021. In addition to the rap idol’s solo activities, Tzuyu has a solo photoshoot. She is also a good sportsperson and enjoys playing golf. In addition to this, she has a number of other hobbies, such as archery. She likes the spring season, as it’s the season when she gets sick and feels more alive.



Tzuyu has the singer from Taiwan who is currently living in South Korea. She is the youngest member of the boy band Twice and is the youngest member of the group. Is the face of the company’s “Youth Generation” series. She is one of the most well-known faces in the industry. Below are some of the fun facts about . To learn more about Tzuyu , continue reading the rest of this article.

Tzuyu added to TWICE after the group’s first two auditions. She a trainee at a middle school in Seoul before being cast as a member of the group. When she was in her third year, she decided to leave school and focus on her career. She ended up making the final cut of the idol competition and releasing a video on the Internet. Tzuyu is the tallest of the members and the most reserved, although she enjoys taking selfies.

Tzuyu has a 22-inch waist. She likes to drink ice cream, wear navy blue clothes, and buy mugs. She was once caught faking being ill to skip school. However, when she returned home, she signed the desk on the desk to show everyone how excited she was. When she was young, she faking illness to miss school and causing unnecessary drama.

After her breakthrough as an artist, Tzuyu ‘s first solo concert was broadcast. She was discovered by JYP, and soon she was appearing in a variety of music shows. She has known for her dance routines and appearances in advertisements. Has featured in LG ads, where she performs in a lift. She was ranked among the world’s most beautiful faces by entertainment critic TC Candler.

Although she was not the first member to join Twice, Tzuyu was added to the group after her eliminations. She was spotted by entertainment scouts at the MUSE Performing Arts Center. As a trainee, she used to hang out with dogs at dog cafes. Despite the fact that she is a member of Twice, she is the most laid-back of the group. She is also the calmest and most modest member.

Although Tzuyu hasn’t launched her solo career yet, she has appeared in numerous music television shows as special MC. Her favorite food is cookies and cream ice cream, and she has a 22-inch waistline. In addition to being the tallest member of Twice, Tzuyu loves all types of dogs, which is why she has a large collection of canine friends. During her solo career, she has been the first Tzuyu in her group.

Tzuyu has the youngest member of TWICE. She is a self-made entrepreneur who was born on June 14, 1999. Her parents are a successful business couple and have two children. Besides Tzuyu , the group has a young older brother, and both members are self-made. She has a very soft voice and is often featured in the group’s choruses.

Tzuyu Height  


She has a stable Chou Tzu-yu, known as Tzuyu , is a Taiwanese singer who is based in South Korea. She has grown significantly in popularity in recent years, and her popularity in the music industry is a testimony to her talent and hard work. In addition to singing, she is also a model, songwriter, and actress.

Tzuyu Chou’s height and weight are unknown, though we know her weight and her body measurements. She has a slim, healthy girl who has a fair complexion and a pair of light brown eyes. She wears a 34-C bra size. Despite her petite stature, Tzuyu does not seem to have a lot of body hair. She is a natural blonde, and is not overly chubby.

The actress was born on June 14, 1999, in Taipei. Her parents are self-made entrepreneurs. She has an older brother named Mina. Her parents have an equal interest in her career, as is evidenced by the fact that they both have successful business careers. Tzuyu was voted the third most popular girl in Taiwan’s history. She is the third highest-paid girl in the country. Despite her chubby looks, she’s not shy about sharing her body measurements.

Her height is a key aspect of her success as a model. She is the tallest member of TWICE, and she stands at 170 cm. She has many fans, who have referred to her as “Chewy” and “Evil Maknae.” Her popularity has soared since her debut in the show. Chaeyoung, Dahyun, and Mina have said that Tzuyu speaks Mandarin in her sleep.

Her height is about average, although she is taller than her brother, who is 5 feet 7 inches. She weighs about 55 kg and has a fair complexion. Her body measurements are 32″ wide by 25 inches. Her hair naturally is black but is dyed by her parents on occasion. She has a bra cup size of 34 C. Tzuyu Chou’s weight is a mystery.

Tzuyu ‘s height is slightly shorter than Mina’s. While it may look like a minor difference, this move is not part of the original choreography. Tzuyu lowered her height too much during her performance, but in practice, she stands closer to the camera than her brother. This is a sign that she does not like her height, but she has done so for the sake of her career.

Tzuyu ‘s height is 170 cm. She looks taller than her fellow TWICE members.. She is very tall for her age and gender. Compared to her younger and shorter TWICE members, she stands out with her taller stature. She has a taller brother than her, so she has more lovable than her younger sister, Mina.



Tzuyu is a Taiwanese singer who is currently based in South Korea. Twice, formed by JYP Entertainment. Chou’s background in Taiwan has made her the ideal candidate a place in the pop world, and her talent has already made her a household name in South Korea. She’s an international superstar, with her debut album “Twice” reaching the top five charts at multiple times.

Although she’s not yet launched a solo career, Tzuyu has a regular on music television shows and has appeared in many TV advertisements. She has involved with animal rescue, and has volunteering for animal shelters since 2011. Is one of the youngest members of K-pop group TWICE, and she has already earned the title of one of the most popular female members of the group. She has a favorite among fans, and she’s even spotted dancing in lifts without a single member of the band!

After auditioning for several K-pop groups, Tzuyu became a trainee of JYP Entertainment. She later transferred to a middle school in Seoul. When she was in her third year, she quit school to focus on her Twice idol competition. She went on to win the first round and later promoted to a regular member. In June 2018, Tzuyu joined Twice’s core line-up as the group’s last member, although she initially failed to make the cut. But she added to the line-up after winning online voting.

Tzuyu joined the group through the survival program called Sixteen, where she battled with other JYP Entertainment trainees for a spot on the group’s debut lineup. Originally, she wasn’t included in the final lineup, but later added after winning online votes. While she’s not the lead vocalist in the group, Tzuyu is still a popular choice among the fans, and she has the ability to sing a wide range of genres.

Aside from being a part of TWICE, Tzuyu has busy with her solo career. Her first comeback was in June of 2014, but she has been busy with her comeback. After being in the spotlight for the last few months, she has also been busy volunteering at an animal shelter. She’s also a devoted mother to her two dogs. She’s a fan of dance.

Although Tzuyu didn’t start her solo career until 2015, she has worked as a special MC on various music television shows. She has also danced in empty lifts to promote her music. She has a very dark skin color and enjoys the warm weather. Has called “Choc” due to her dark skin. She also loves the spring season. While it might sound odd, her name is Sally Chou.

Tzuyu Age


Age has one of the most frequently asked questions on the internet. She is a Taiwanese singer currently based in South Korea. She is the youngest member of the girl group Twice, a group formed by JYP Entertainment. As far as age goes, she is very young for her status. However, she is certainly not a baby! Read on for some interesting facts about Tzuyu .

Tzuyu Chou’s height and weight are unknown right now. Her body measurements are 32-23-34 inches. Her complexion is fair, and she has light brown eyes. Hair is naturally black, but she dyes it often to make it look more natural. She has known to have a very cute bob cut that is perfect for the camera.

Tzuyu ‘s age is 22. She is of Chinese descent. Her parents are self-made entrepreneurs, who also happen to be her role models. She has an older brother, who she considers her best friend. She enjoys reading, playing basketball, and dancing. Although she is a teenager, she is already an accomplished performer. It’s not surprising, given her many awards and accolades.

Tzuyu ‘s age is 21 years old. She is currently single. Her ideal boyfriend would be someone who loves her more than he loves himself. This person would have a lot of admirers, not just in Taiwan. She wants a boyfriend who will love her family, her friends, and her fans more than she does. If she ever finds a guy, she’ll marry him. If she finds the right guy, she will feel completely happy.

The most important thing for Tzuyu ‘s success is her talent. As a pop singer, she has a huge fan base. Her first album has entitled “Yes I am Tzuyu .” Her age is 21, and she is a single woman. She is still single. She wants a boyfriend who will love her more than she loves him. Wants a boyfriend who will support her family, her friends, and her fans.

Tzuyu is a twenty-year-old Taiwanese girl who has become popular in the media. Her first photo book published in April 2020. At this point, Tzuyu is still single. Her dream is to find a man who loves her more than he loves him. She wants a guy who will love her more than he loves him. And he should interested in her friends.

Tzuyu has a member of the girl group Twice. She joined the group after participating in the reality show Sixteen. Her zodiac sign is Gemini. Family name is Hsien-Ju, and she is from Tainan. Her zodiac sign is Taurus. She started dancing at a young age, and she has a passion for singing and dancing.

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