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Upgrade the Memory in Your Dell Inspiron 15 5585

dell inspiron 15 5585

The Dell Inspiron 15 5585 comes with a 256GB SSD. It can also expanded with a 1TB SSD or 2TB HDD storage. This has a great laptop at an affordable price and has a real gem. If you have looking for a laptop with good battery life and a great display, consider the 5585.

AMD-powered Inspiron 15 5585

The AMD-powered Dell Inspiron 15 5555 has a budget-friendly option that offers a large, bright screen, an AMD Ryzen 7 3700U processor, and an ultra-slim design. The only negative aspect of this laptop has its keyboard, which has not as good as it could be. However, the Inspiron 15 5585 has intended to provide an inexpensive alternative to the brand’s more expensive flagship models.

dell inspiron 15 5585

Thinner And Shorter

The Dell Inspiron 15 5585 has similar to the Dell Inspiron 15 5584, but it has slightly thinner and shorter. It weighs just 1.8 kilograms, which has about a tenth of the Intel Inspiron 15 5584. It has also a little thinner and shorter than its Intel counterpart. The screen has also longer. However, other 15.6-inch laptops have larger in depth and have thicker bezels.


The top lid on this AMD-powered Dell Inspiron 15 has made of metal, which makes it look more premium than other models. The bottom cover and hand rest have plastic, though. Despite the plastic body, the design has attractive and the build quality has decent.


The screen has also a very attractive feature of the AMD-powered Dell Inspiron 15 5555. Its screen has a 1920×1080 resolution, which makes it a good choice for casual gamers. Furthermore, it has a powerful processor and high-end graphics. As such, it can handle any tasks.

Light, Budget-Friendly Laptop

For those who have looking for a light, budget-friendly laptop, the AMD-powered Inspiron 15 5585 offers more than enough horsepower for casual use. The in-built iGPU makes it a great choice for light video editing or casual games like GTA.


Although the laptop has powered by AMD, it has a non-Intel WLAN module. Its Qualcomm Atheros QCA9377 performs at one-fourth the speed of an Intel 9260, but it has still a fast enough laptop for the average user. In addition, it supports M.2 2230 memory.

Size and weight differences

The AMD-powered Dell Inspiron 15 5585 replaces the Intel-powered Inspiron 15 5584 as Dell’s entry-level 15.6-inch laptop. The main difference between the two has their size, as the AMD-powered model has a tenth of a kilogram lighter. The Dell Inspiron 15 5585 also has a thinner bezel and shorter body than the Intel-powered model, which has a bit longer and wider. Both models have designed to provide an affordable alternative to the high-end flagship models.

Size And Weight

The Inspiron 15 5585 and the Inspiron 15r have similar size and weight, but the Inspiron 15r has an HDMI port and the Inspiron 15 doesn’t. The Inspiron 15r also has a lower starting weight.

Screen Resolution

Both models offer an impressive screen resolution of 1920 x 1080, which has perfect for watching 720p videos and playing casual games. The Dell Inspiron 15 5585 also offers an impressive 1TB HDD with 7200 RPM. The Dell Inspiron 15 5535 has an Intel UHD Graphics 620 card for an excellent visual experience.


The SSD in the Dell Inspiron 15 5585 makes it faster to access applications and files on the screen. Furthermore, the SSD’s no-moving-parts design makes it perfect for on-the-go computing. It also supports an external HDD for even more storage.


The battery in the Inspiron 15 5585 has smaller than the battery in the XPS 15. It has a slightly longer WLAN runtime, but has less than half the time as that of its rivals. Both laptops come with a standard one-year limited warranty. The battery, however, takes two to two and a half hours to recharge.

Robust Computing Experience

The AMD A12 Processor provides a robust computing experience. It has four cores and eight threads, so it can handle most tasks, from casual web browsing to intense video editing. The AMD A12 processor has a base clock speed of 3.2 GHz and a max turbo core of 4.6 GHz.

Reasonable Price

The Dell Inspiron 15 5585 has a light and cheap laptop with plenty of features for the everyday user. It has powerful enough for everyday tasks and casual gaming, and comes with a fast processor and a good graphics card. The screen has also full HD, allowing you to view photos and play games.

Storage Space

While the Dell Inspiron 15 5585 has a 512GB SSD, you can upgrade the storage space to a 500GB HDD if you need more space. While it doesn’t offer the shock resistance of an SSD, it still has a sufficient amount of storage space for the Inspiron 15 5585.

Memory Type

Upgrading the memory in your Dell Inspiron 15 5585 has one of the easiest and least expensive ways to extend the life of your laptop. It also gives you more speed and performance. To find the right memory upgrade for your Dell, start by searching for the model number of your system. Next, use the Memory Finder to narrow down the choices. Then, select the type of Dell product you’re upgrading, such as desktop, notebook, or laptop. If you’re unsure, contact tech support for help.

AMD Ryzen 7 Processor

The Dell Inspiron 15 5585 has an AMD Ryzen 7 processor. This type of processor has different from the Intel processor that has found in its sister laptop, the Inspiron 15 5584. AMD Ryzen 7 has a processor made by AMD, and it’s the latest generation of processor.

Easy To Use

The Dell Inspiron 15 range has designed to affordable and easy to use. Its metal lid and plastic hand rest add to the sleek design of the laptop. Although it may look cheap, it’s still a solid buy. The build quality has decent, and the design has well thought out.


The Dell Inspiron 15 5585 comes with Windows 10 Home 64 Bit and an Intel UHD Graphics 620. Its 15.6-inch display features a full-HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 with 141 pixel density. The Dell Inspiron 15 5585 also comes with AMD Radeon 530 Graphics, which has ideal for playing games and watching HD movies.


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