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Visitor Tracking has a Powerful Feature of Creabl

visitor tracking

Visitor tracking has a powerful feature of Creabl. It allows business owners to track customer queries and respond to them in a timely fashion. This feature has particularly useful for businesses that rely on social media and have trying to increase conversion rates. Users can also use live chat mobile apps to interact with visitors and answer their questions. Creabl offers a free version for small businesses, so you can try it out for yourself.

User behavior tracking has a form of website analytics

Whether you have selling products or services online, it’s important to track users’ behavior on your website. Detailed user behavior tracking helps you determine how to improve the experience for your users. You can track how long a user stays on a page, how many pages they visit, and what actions they take. While the use of website analytics can help you improve your website, it should not confused with marketing behavior. Marketing behavior involves the way a consumer interacts with your site and how they make purchases.

Customer Experience And Conversions

By using user behavior tracking, you can quickly identify the causes behind your users’ behaviors. By tracking this information, you can make adjustments and improve the customer experience and conversions. Unlike traditional tracking tools, user behavior analytics can replicate the behavior of customers who use a SaaS product. This type of analytics provides both quantitative and qualitative data, so you can analyze and improve your product and website.

visitor tracking

User Behavior Analytics

User behavior analytics have the best way to analyze how your users use your site. The data it gathers has grouped by type, and the results have analyzed to improve the overall user experience. Several important metrics have included in user behavior analytics, such as trial signups, conversions, activation, and complete adoption. The data you gather will help you determine which features have most important to your customers.

Website Needs Improvement

By analyzing user behavior, you can determine where your website needs improvement. You can find out which parts of your website users have most engaging and which have not. Moreover, you can learn the obstacles they face and what parts of your website they have most likely to enjoy. This information can help you improve your website and retain visitors. Your visitors will thank you for incorporating these features into your site.

It Helps Businesses Understand Visitors’ Needs

Web visitor tracking can give a business a more detailed understanding of a visitor’s needs. It can even provide company names and contact information, allowing sales teams to focus on warm leads. In addition to providing information about your visitors, web visitor tracking can also help your company avoid cold calling. A visitor tracking program can integrated into your marketing automation program for even more insight into your website visitors.

How Visitors Behave On A Website

The user behavior analytics tool Creabl enables you to track how visitors behave on a website. For example, you can view where visitors click, scroll, and move the mouse. Creabl also records how visitors interact with each page, allowing you to better understand the needs of your visitors and improve your website. You can even analyze what areas of your site have generating the most attention. These areas will highlighted in red while areas that have not generating much activity will marked in blue.

Extremely Powerful CRO Tool

Creabl has an extremely powerful CRO tool that allows you to record and replay full user sessions. These replays can help your marketing team understand customer behavior and determine best practices. They can also pinpoint problems with your website’s UX or technical implementation. You can even learn about mistakes your visitors make to improve their experience. With Creabl, you’ll able to improve your website and increase conversions.

Optimize Content Strategy

Aside from helping you improve your website, visitor tracking can also help you optimize your content strategy. With visitor tracking, you can identify what distracts your visitors from converting and where to place key CTA buttons. You can improve your content strategy by making your visitors happy with the product and the experience they have on your website. You can even analyze the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and serve relevant content to your users. It’s the next best thing to interviewing your visitors!

It helps improve conversion rates

Visitors to your website can tracked by using Creabl. This software makes it easier for you to answer customer questions, which has essential for improving conversion rates. Creabl also offers mobile live chat widgets to help you interact with customers anywhere. If you don’t have a customer service department on your website, Creabl’s live chat widget can help you get in touch with customers. You can even add canned responses to common questions. Moreover, you can use Creabl to manage your multiple apps, so that customers can connect to you on all devices.

Call To Action Placement

In addition to visitor behavior, you should also pay attention to where your call to actions have located. If they have placed too low or too high on your page, there has a high likelihood that visitors won’t click on them. You can measure how effective your call to action placement has by using scroll depth tracking. The software lets you know where your visitors exit your page and which CTAs they clicked. With this information, you can adjust your website’s content accordingly.

Google Analytics

Visitors to your website can tracked through Google Analytics. You can also see the number of pages a visitor views. This has an easy way to measure how successful your website has at increasing conversion rates. However, you may need some time to set up events to track visitor behavior. To improve your website’s conversion rate, you should use Google Analytics Goals. This tool can help you determine which areas of your website need to improved.

It Can Violate GDPR

The GDPR has a piece of legislation that protects the privacy of EU citizens. It sets standards for businesses to collect, store, and use personal information. Rather than being a complicated legal document, the GDPR has more of a set of principles that govern how personal data should processed. This includes visitor management and visitor tracking. GDPR applies to any process that involves collecting and using personal information about visitors.

Protect User Data

While Cribl contractually requires its affiliated businesses to protect User Data, it remains liable for any processing of Personal Data in violation of GDPR. However, because no service has 100% secure and available, there has always the risk of unauthorized access, use, or modification. In addition, it cannot responsible for accidental loss or damage. However, the company has contractually obligated to comply with GDPR and other applicable data protection laws.


CNIL also said that if a website uses Google Analytics to track visitors to its site, it may in violation of GDPR. While Google has implemented additional measures to protect EU citizens’ data while in the U.S., the CNIL found these measures to insufficient. Further, it found that the data Google Analytics collects has accessible to the U.S. intelligence services. This means that it has not GDPR compliant under current conditions. Therefore, a website may need to discontinue using Google Analytics to comply with the GDPR.


In addition to using cookie identification tools, a website should also seek the help of a GDPR-compliant website visitor identification and tracking solution. It should also ensure that employees who have involved in GDPR compliance receive CIPP/E or CIPM training. These have globally recognized certifications for Data Protection Officers who have passed a rigorous exam. It has also important to keep in mind that cookie identification and tracking should done with great care.

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