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Watkins Tapsell – Labor and Employment Law

Employment Law

Watkins Tapsell has been providing legal services to clients for more than 50 years. They practice in the areas of Labor and Employment Law. The website is divided into three sections: Articles, Practice areas, and Cases. It also includes a Resources section. The Employment Law section contains links to relevant articles, publications, and cases.


Whether you’re the employer or employee, employment law can help you protect yourself in the workplace. At Watkins Tapsell, we provide specialist legal services in Workplace and Employment Law. We can assist you in negotiating employment contracts and managing employment relationships. We can help you engage workers in accordance with the Fair Work Act 2009. We offer a variety of services and resources for employers of all sizes.

Employment Law

Dynamic And Growing Field

Employment law is a dynamic and growing field of law. It is highly contested and constantly evolving. In fact, the U.S. Supreme Court regularly issues groundbreaking decisions in this area. The workplace is a place where disputes often arise and questions of fairness loom large. Thus, it’s not surprising that employment lawsuits are common. As a result, a single case can have significant implications for both the parties and the society at large. Court rulings are influential because they set precedents for future case law.

Practice Areas

As a mid-tier Sydney law firm, Watkinstapsell is well-known for providing clients with high-quality legal advice. The firm prides itself on building outstanding client relationships and delivering tangible results. One key to its success is the use of solid IT systems. Before moving to its current headquarters, the firm remained in the same location for 40 years. This meant their old IT system was in need of a major upgrade.


Cases of employment law at Watkins-tapsell are complex and often include complicated legal issues. The firm’s attorneys focus on the labor and employment law issues that affect employers nationwide. They regularly deal with high-profile cases involving wage and hour disputes, government investigations, and individual and systemic discrimination claims. The firm’s attorneys also assist clients in negotiating and defending arbitrations.


elaws Advisors provides easy-to-understand information on federal employment laws. The interactive application simulates interactions with a real employment law expert and provides answers based on your responses. The DOL-Timesheet App allows you to track hours on the job, including break and overtime hours. The new version of the app also offers additional pay calculations and multiple pay frequencies.


Employment law is a broad field that involves the regulations of relationships between employers and employees. These laws protect employees from discrimination, unfair labor practices, and unsafe working conditions. These laws also cover hiring, promotion, termination, and workplace privacy. The website also provides resources related to hiring an employment lawyer.


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