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Technical Foul Opponent of Canelo Get a Technical Foul ?

technical foul

Why did the opponent of Canelo receive a technical foul during the fight? It was obvious that Canelo Alvarez had pushed Caleb Plant in the first round and then did not look to check for the punch. The referee, Jimmy Tibbs, indicated that the punch was not a foul, so he called it a technical foul .

Why did Canelo Hit his Opponent?

While it was not a knockout, the fight was still a controversial one. While Canelo Alvarez won the fight on points, the opponent drew a technical foul for being too aggressive. This is something that many MMA fighters do, but it extremely uncalled for. The ringside officials, boxing fans, and fans were not pleased with Canelo’s behavior.

Technical Foul

After the fight, Canelo Alvarez continued to call for his opponent on social media. The fight canceled after the referee gave a technical foul to the opponent. The fight is now off. After the stoppage, the two men exchanged punches, and the latter managed to land a powerful uppercut. Saunders then attempted to retreat to get through the round. The fight ended in a draw, and the referee ruled that Canelo got a technical foul for his erratic behavior.

Pre-Fight Press Conference Technical Foul

The fight called off after a brawl during the pre-fight press conference. Canelo Alvarez, who has a 6-0 record, fought against top contenders, should have given an opportunity to defend his title. In fact, the best contender at 168 lbs is David Benavidez. The 24-year-old won the vacant world title in 2017 and then retained it this year. He additionally tried positive for cocaine during an out-of-rivalry test.

Tense Exchange Words Technical Foul

The fight ended with a technical foul . The fight did not involve a punch, but it was a tense exchange of words. The opponent threw some words, and both men took offence to the other’s words. Afterwards, the referee gave a technical foul to both fighters. The tenseness between the two men did not end the fight.

Attacked Plant

During the post-fight press conference, the fight began with a brawl between the two men. In the first round, Canelo Alvarez had attacked Plant, but Plant was too slow to move. Technical foul fight ended in a brawl and a tense standoff between the two. Neither fighter had an advantage, and neither did their opponent.

After the fight, Canelo and the opponent had a tense exchange. Technical foul referee called a low blow on Alvarez, and he threw a right at the opponent, who deserved it. The two men were able to separate each other, but the referee had to intervene to stop the exchange. Canelo then landed a right hand and a left hook to the body of Plant. The other fighter had to stop it.

Caleb Plant

The opponent of Canelo had a bad blood with Caleb Plant. Canelo had a brawl at the post-fight press conference in September after Plant had a knockdown. Both fighters then went after each other and planted each other. However, Canelo Alvarez had a good reaction and got a technical foul against the IBF champion.

Caleb Plant Cut

The fight was a technical foul . The referee called the opponent a drug cheat, but the test result was not conclusive. The referee ruled that the judge did not give the ruling. But it’s important to remember that Canelo’s opponents have made it a point to make it clear that they will not take the fight lightly. Canelo is a good fighter.


The opponent of Canelo should have gotten a technical foul when he got a knockdown. This is the referee was not looking for the punch to knock out Saunders. The official was simply trying to stop the fight, but the official did not give the ruling. Canelo deserved the knockdown, and he deserves to keep it.

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