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Vexilar FL 8 Fit into The Vexilar Ultra Pack ?


One of the first questions people often ask when buying a new ice-fishing rig is “Will the Vexilar FL 8 fit into a Vexilar Ultra Pack?” The answer depends on the size of your fish finder, but it’s important to choose carefully. The FLX-28 is the best choice for suspended fish in shallow water. Other features include Digital Depth, Auto Ranging, and the ability to change depth ranges.

Accessories for fishing

The Ultra Pack carries the FLX-30 in a durable, padded carry case. The carry case features a fully enclosed, 12-volt, 9-amp hour lithium-ion battery that powers the entire Vexilar for days on end. It also features a master power switch for convenience and an over-sized carrying handle. It has four rod holder positions and three transducer support eye holes, and comes with a FREE soft carry case. The Ultra Pack comes with all necessary accessories for fishing and is ready to go right out of the box.

Carry handle for easy transportation

The Vexilar Ultra Pack features an over-sized carry handle for easy transportation. The Ultra Pack is equipped with a 12 volt, 9-amp-hour battery that can power the Vexilar for days on end. It also includes a master power switch and remote charging posts. In addition, the Ultra-Pack features a cable management system and four rod holder positions.


The Ultra Pack is the ultimate carry case for the FLX-30 sonar. The Vexilar Ultra Pack comes with a totally enclosed, nine-amp-hour lithium-ion battery and has a master power switch. There are four rod holder positions and three transducer support eyeholes in the case, and you don’t need a special bag for it. And a handy, over-sized carry handle makes it convenient to move around. The cable management system is superb.


In addition to the FLX28, the Ultra Pack is an excellent carry case for the FLX-30. It has an over-sized carry handle and a fully enclosed, nine-amp-hour lithium-ion battery for days of fishing. The UltraPack also comes with a great cable management system. The Ultimate Pack will make your life easier and will not let you down.

Ultimate carry case FLX28

The FLX28’s Ultra Pack is the ultimate carry case for the FLX28. The FLX28’s power supply has a 12 volt, nine-amp-hour battery and a master power switch to ensure the unit is fully functional. Unlike the FLX28, the UltraPack  features an oversize carry handle, which is helpful for carrying the FLX28 in the water.

UltraPack  Designed

The UltraPack is a rugged, streamlined carry case that is specifically designed to protect the FLX30. Its over-sized handle and integrated battery provide maximum protection from shocks and vibrations. The UltraPack has equipped with positions for other Vexilar accessories, including a tackle box and a transducer float. The ultrapack’s cable management system is another benefit.

Easily and conveniently FLX28’s UltraPack carry case

The FLX28’s UltraPack carry case is a great choice for this device. It has four rod holder positions and three transducer support eye holes, as well as a cable management system. It also fits into a 5 gallon bucket, so you can store it conveniently and easily. When using the Vexilar FLX-28, you can connect it with ease in the UltraPack.

Designed to protect your FLX28 sonar and its accessories

The UltraPack is a functional carry case designed to protect your FLX28 sonar and its accessories. Its fully enclosed, nine-amp-hour battery provides enough power for the Vexilar to be used for days. It is a perfect choice for a portable sonar. It has a cable management system and four rod holder positions.

Easily fit into your five gallon boat

While the FL-18 offers a stylish sun shield-like look, it’s also equipped with an advanced sonar system. It has three buttons to master, including an on/off range knob and a mode control knob. There are two power settings: low and standard. The low setting is good for shallow waters and is the most economical choice. The vexilar ultra pack is a great ice-fishing kit that can easily fit into your five gallon boat.

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